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High performance and long life for each engine

Latest generation engines require mechanical systems that work in the best possible conditions. To satisfy these requirements it is necessary to purify the oil, making sure that no contaminating particles enter the circuit and cause premature wear of the mechanical parts.

Clean Filters® oil filters, thanks to the use of modern materials and the accurate choice of filtering media, guarantee excellent mechanical and thermal durability, and block the passage of contaminating elements (combustion residues, as well as residues from the friction of mechanical parts), contributing to the reduction of consumption.

The range includes spin-on filters and ecological cartridges, placed directly in the lubrication circuit, designed to reach high levels of performance and reduce to a minimum the environmental impact of the spent filter. Clean Filters® oil filters protect the longevity of the engine because:

- They create an impenetrable barrier to impurities caused by the normal use of elements and combustion residues;

- They reduce the increase in oil viscosity caused by impurities and responsible for the wearing of mechanical parts;

- They resist all mechanical and thermal stresses of the engine.

Clean Filters® oil filters ensure a constant level of filtration over time, certified by the strictest international tests and analogous to those produced by the most important car manufacturers.