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Low wear and low consumption for every diesel engines

The purpose of a filter for diesel engines is to protect the injection system.
The most modern “common rail” fuel injection systems require innovative filtering solutions because they are particularly sensitive to the presence of impurities and particles of water in the fuel.

Clean Filters® diesel filters reach a degree of filtration of 5 μm, blocking dust and contaminant particles, separating water from the fuel and signalling its presence in the water trap, and guaranteeing long life and high durability under stress.

The latest generation filtering media (cellulose, bonded synthetic cellulose, 100% synthetic, and graduated filtration structures):

- Significantly reduce wear, consumption, and exhaust fumes;

- Prevent malfunctions in injection systems.

Clean Filters® offers a complete range of fuel filters that ensures maximum protection and high performance, satisfying the quality standards required by the primary vehicle manufacturers.