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Long life for alternative fuel engines

Over recent years the number of engines running on gaseous fuels has increased exponentially thanks to reduced emissions, low consumption, and decreased environmental impact, therefore being considered more eco-friendly.

The “MPG” Series of Clean Filters®gas filters, the result of an in-depth materials study, guarantees maximum protection of the injection system of engines running on methane or LPG, increasing the engine’s longevity.

Protecting the operation of injectors with Clean Filters® gas filters, which eliminate impurities in the gas, is fundamental for reducing emissions of sulphur, particulate, and carbon residues during combustion.

The Clean Filters® “MPG” series has been approved under European regulation ECE/ONU 67R/01 class 2 which guarantees maximum reliability and respect for current regulations stipulated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport regarding the safe use of LPG (mix of butane and propane).