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Every engine “breathes” better

The correct operation of an engine depends on the quality of the air filter.
The presence of contaminants varies depending on the areas of use and the conditions of the road surface.

If contaminants like dust or soot get into the combustion chamber they could cause damage to the external walls of the pistons and clog the injection system nozzles, shortening the life of the engine.

Clean Filters® air filters are produced using the highest quality raw materials, making the most of latest generation technologies and filtering media developed internally by our research centre. Thanks to these traits they are among the most appreciated and used in the industry because they guarantee a filtering efficiency higher than 99%, long-lasting operation, and maximum reliability.

The Clean Filters® Air Filter

- contributes to optimising the correct air/fuel mixture, reducing consumption;

- protects electronic and mechanical systems like air capacity meters, valve guides, and valve seats that are very sensitive to the presence of impurities;

- significantly reduces operational noise thanks to the quality of materials used.

Clean Filters® air filters fully satisfy technical specifications required by manufacturers (ISO standards) and by control bodies, guaranteeing reduced consumption and lower environmental impact.