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Clean air in every cabin

Due to the worsening of global pollution levels, every day we are exposed to numerous polluting agents that enter into the vehicle’s interior through the air conditioning or ventilation ducts.

Clean Filters® cabin filters are an important barrier that prevent polluting agents - exhaust gas, fine dust, pollens - from penetrating into the cabin, invisible impurities that are smaller than five microns.

Thanks to the presence of a synthetic sponge that guarantees increased endurance and adaptability to any filter case, and the accurate selection of filtering media, the Clean Filters® cabin filters make it possible to block particles measuring one micron.

The filtering media can be:
- Active carbon, which protects against noxious gases and unpleasant odours, and reduces the level of ozone in the cabin;
- Particulate, able to block pollens, fine dust, and particles present in the air and ozone pollution.

Clean Filters®cabin filters perform just as effectively in high and low temperatures. Keeping the air clean in the cabin helps to create a healthy, pleasant environment for passengers and helps avoid the formation of a film of lubricant on windows, providing safer conditions for drivers.